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Thank you for taking time to explore my site! Whether you are shopping for a portrait or interested in learning more about how to create them, I hope my site, blog, and newsletter inspire you. 
I create representational oil paintings of people and places based on my personal experiences with my subjects. Most of my work consists of commissioned portraits. These range from CEOs of major companies to children and pets. I love this work because truly capturing a person in a painting presents one of the most satisfying experiences I can imagine. I expect myself to capture the essence of every subject I paint, and I am relentless in pursuing this goal. All of my commissioned portraits come with a promise that they will meet or exceed client expectations.When I am not painting commissions, I work on landscapes and figurative paintings in oil. 
I use traditional, time-tested methods and materials to insure my work will last for generations. I regularly consult with materials experts, museum curators, and fellow artists to stay up to date with the latest research on methods and materials. I use oil paints made from the finest pigments and oils available, fine linen or cotton, and all canvases are mounted on wood or aluminum to insure maximum stability. 
Why This Kind of Art?
Painting portraits has been my dream for almost 40 years. I would see them in museums and long to be able to create them. They seemed for me to be the most magical art.  With the simplest of tools, an artist could bring a canvas to life so fully that 500 years later we can look at it and feel we know the person in the painting. Great landscapes and figure paintings also captivated me. I would spend hours on end every chance I [...]

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