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David I. Sommers – Artist’s Statement and Brief Bio
I am particularly interested in the landscape that nature creates and in how humans build structures that may or may not fit into nature’s plan. Nature is very loose and always correct, while human made structures better be totally “correct” lest they break and fall, so painting them loosely is a challenge. Resolving this tension is an eternal challenge and one I both welcome and struggle with. The balancing act for me in painting is an exercise in ceding control while at the same time trying to get things to be right. The saying – “loose but accurate” comes to mind. Paintings of mine that don’t work (i.e., many) usually fail because the creative side of my brain is suppressed by the minimal technical skills of my dictatorial left brain resulting in lack of resolution.
While painting landscapes and urban scenes is a consistent thread in my work I have many painted many other subjects – abstracts, portraits, people engaged in activities, social issues, flowers, etc., and in acrylics, oils and watercolors.
Many of my paintings are of various scenes in Kensington, MD. From the buildings old and new and asphalt in the Town of Kensington, its landmark stores, houses and places to the beauty along Beach Drive in Rock Creek Park, Kensington has much to offer the careful observer. There is much more beauty here if only we slow down enough to see it. hope you enjoy the paintings.
I am a clinical and research psychologist long-time staffer at NIH. I continue to run a private practice in Kensington, Maryland. I earned my PhD at the University of Maryland, College Park and am a loyal supporter of all Terrapin teams. I also have a Master's in business from Johns Hopkins. I’ve been painting on and [...]

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