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My interest and involvement in art began in a high school shop class where I negotiated to spend more time making wood turnings on the lathe. I find it fascinating to let the wood dictate the form as the turning reveals grains and textures representing the history of the wood. Other artistic experiences include dark room developing of photographs before the current digital processing was available.  I now enjoy the color digital processing and printing that computers now allow. Painting takes this passion further by allowing me to give photographs or scenes interpretations which come from my life experiences.  Bold colors and rich textures are frequent features of my work.
I am thrilled that I am discovering this passion in the early years of my retirement.  I am enjoying the ability to get lost in the experience of painting in my former woodturning studio.  The experience of re-creating an event while painting along with listening to music, another of my passions, puts me in what I call “The Flow” and time ceases to matter.  Painting is bringing a new excitement and passion to this next chapter in my life.

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