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Since I can remember, I've always been drawn to the outdoors, and especially the mountains and high country. I am so very fortunate to live in Colorado, where I find unending inspiration for my painting.As a kid, growing up without a TV in the house, I placed my energies into other pursuits - mainly reading, fishing, and drawing. As a child in elementary school and middle school, I gained a certain notoriety for my abilities as a budding artist. An early memory is of being in 4th grade and being asked by the principal to create a series of recruiting posters for the various sports teams in the upper grades. When a new kid moved to my town, professing mad drawing skills, a 'draw-off' was quickly arranged in the lunchroom to see who could claim the title of 'best draw-er' in school. I won, the other kid was disqualified for rendering his battleship with the aid of a ruler!

Moving to Colorado from the Pacific Northwest in the early Eighties, I was taken with the landscape of this awesome state. A lifelong fly-fisher, my forays to the mountains in search of trout took me to some of the most visually exciting places - soaring peaks, meandering river valleys, deep gorges and rushing streams, placid alpine lakes. Reverently, I took it all in.

Although I had been working in the high-tech field for years, I needed a more creative outlet, and yearned for a change in careers. I received a degree in Graphic Design in 1997, and during those college years I began to paint, my native artistic side had been awakened by coursework in color theory and composition.

Since then, I have been 'finding myself' as a fine artist, portraying Western landscapes and wildlife in oil. My inclination has been to produce studio work, my [...]

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