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In 1982 in Derby, England, at the age of 15, inspired by the music I was into at that time, including Pink Floyd, Marillion and Genesis, I embarked on an ambitious project to paint a 30ft by 8ft mural in my bedroom.  It took me 1 year to complete, and started my love affair with art.  I went on to get my Art O-Level at school, but chose a traditional science and engineering path for A-Levels through University (Brunel, London, UK).  I continued to paint as I entered my working career in IT.  During the "1992-1995 Newcastle Years", I started to experiment with oils, canvas, and abstraction, inspired by classical music, opera, the music scene at the time, and my old favorites for the 1970s and 1980s.  I completed an experimental portfolio at that time.  Many of those pieces are scattered around private collections inside my family.  A few remain with me and are on this site for historical perspective.  Upon moving to Canada in 1995, with very few exceptions, I took almost 8 years off from painting.  Inside me was a growing urge to paint again, and after moving to a house on Lonsdale Road in Toronto in 2004, I had access to a very large basement where I created a studio and went crazy painting for a couple of years "2003-2005 Lonsdale & Miskwabi Period".  During this period, my art was inspired by darker classic and opera music, alternative rock, and a whole range of random and diverse music.  I also purchased a cottage during this period and had the chance to paint with amazing views of forest and lake, which brought out many organic elements in my paintings.  In 2006, after temporarily downsizing from Lonsdale, and during a break in my full-time work "2006-2007 King West Studio Period", I rented an art studio where I painted along-side other artists.  During this period, I experimented a great deal and transitioned fully from oil [...]

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