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  • FASO Artist Website: http://www.davidnewtonart.com

  • Year Born: 1950

  • Finalist in August 2009 Painting Competition (Outstanding Watercolor - "Family Heirlooms I"

  • third-generation Colorado native

  • Painter of real things - in still life, in florals, in landscapes, of the Great Plains, of the Rocky Mountains, of space

  • Price Range: $60.00 - $4,000.00

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The Artist Says:

"Family Heirloom (I and II)" were commissioned by a couple sweetly married many years with grown children who had children.  Both husband and wife each had a grandmother who owned a silver teapot.  Each painting contains one of those teapots, and a china cup to compliment, with the same table and mirror.  The original paintings hang on each side of the mirror depicted in the painting.

I was asked to make the paintings only eight inches square as the patron's home was not large and already full of beautiful things.  I tell people that these two paintings "broke" my eyes, as they were the last I painted without me wearing glasses.

I love painting wood, especially old shiny furniture.  Rainbows of color and subtle textures wait patiently to be discovered by the careful observer.  As I look at the wood of this table, I can feel the many hours and days of the story of the unknown person who labored long ago to produce this thing of beauty and function.  And how many tales were told over tea poured from the pots as friends gathered to share plain and dramatic news near the end of the day?  The grandmother and grandfather's grandmothers lived a long time ago.


David Newton was exposed to art early in life, growing up next door to a grandmother who painted china and seeing his father turn into a talented woodworking artist over time. Through education Newton explored various art forms – in drawing, painting, sculpture, and jewelry—coming soon to realize his best voice in art as a painter.
A third-generation Greeley native, Newton grew up familiar with Colorado’s beautiful scenery all around him. Many of his works have followed this course through both Rocky Mountain and rural landscapes, particularly adding texture into the foregrounds of rocks and trees that make them appear touchably real. Newton’s still life paintings are also noted for their realism.
In this lifetime both man and machines have gone to the moon and back, as well as to every other planet in our solar system, capturing real images in astounding detail. These images Newton has come to represent through many large paintings, describing and displaying the majesty of the heavens. Newton has received national recognition for his space paintings which differ from many other space artists, with his basis on real observations rather than fantasy.

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