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  • FASO Artist Website: http://salernoartstudio.com

  • Year Born: N/A

  • Oil painting

  • Price Range: $150.00 - $4,250.00
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David Michael Salerno is an oil painter trained in classical realism. He integrates his training with more contemporary techniques while preserving his commitment to the accuracy and quality of classical realism.  He paints a wide range of subjects in landscape, still-life, figurative and portrait painting.   Noticing his interest in drawing as a young boy, his artist mother started his learning with a Jon Gnagy instructional drawing set, with which he completed all the drawings.  David has painted throughout his life, even during his years as a practicing cardiologist.
In Minneapolis, feeling the need for more formal training, David found the local art school experience to be disappointing.  He then discovered Atelier Lack.  Attending night classes at the atelier, he obtained the foundation he was seeking in classical realism, including rigorous drawing and painting from casts and still-life painting.  He later supplemented this training at Townsend Atelier in Chattanooga, where he focused on portrait and figure painting in the realism style.  Since reducing his medical practice workload in 2012, followed by retirement from his medical career at the end of 2014, David has worked full-time on his passion for oil painting. 
In 2016 he achieved the designation of Signature Artist in the National Oil and Acrylic Painters’ Society (NOAPS).  In addition to NOAPS, he is a member of the Oil Painters of America, the American Impressionist Society, and the Portrait Society. 
David loves to teach.  He is an instructor at Townsend Atelier in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
David has a keen interest in the technology of oil painting.  He utilizes only proven techniques and materials to ensure strong and stable paint layers that result in a quality, archival painting.
“There is something within that compels me to paint.  The beauty that the world displays all around us calls me.  We live in a stressful and complex society – I hope that [...]

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