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I was born in St.Helens, Lancashire, famous for its glass, but nothing much else!Always had a talent for drawing/painting from an early age and always came 1st at art in my class at school.  I remember visiting the Headmaster's office with my mother, to qualify for 'free school dinner's'  after the death of my father at the age of 9, which left us destitute, and seeing one of my paintings in a frame on the wall behind his desk!  What happened to copyright???? Urged by several teachers to go on to art school - after high school, this idea was refused point blank by my mother, who told me to stop dreaming and get a proper job! This I did….. and became an apprentice Bricklayer at 15… [Artists didn’t exist in my world]. This was too much like hard work, so I joined the RAF (Royal Air Force) still aged 15, as an aeronautical engineer and became a 'propulsion technician' (engine bloke). I was (apparently) smarter than I thought!Left the RAF when I was 30, but not before being `poisoned` by a job I did in 1977, in Malta, which involved crawling around inside fuel-tanks on Nimrods, to fix fuel leaks. I was unaware of the toxicity of this job at the time!In 1985 whilst working in Oman I developed testicular cancer with a 'secondary' in the lung!!! All down - it transpired - to THAT job, I subsequently learned of in 2006. I had 11 cycles of chemotherapy, and a thoracotomy, with 4 bouts of septicaemia to boot….. But; survived! JUST!Thinking I might not live for much longer, despite being 'cured' I decided to have a go at being an artist with a fresh start in Australia in 1988.I always painted the sea after being inspired by a 'Readers Digest' [...]

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