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David Klassen’s drawings and paintings have closely followed the art history tradition of fantastic imagery that explores how the interior world which is embedded in mystical myth, dreams, and the imagination relates to our conscious reality.  As such, David invites us to see the understated, the minutiae, and the hidden details we often overlook. His imagery is highly detailed in illustrative quality and often times juxtaposes our recognizable objects together in absurd ways. Most recently, through a series of landscapes (both natural and human), David has begun to ask the question: Is the human landscape a natural landscape? This is, perhaps a theme in the making as we humans face the challenge of caring for our planet Earth and consciously determine what we can become and how. 
David received his Studio Fine Arts degree from the University of Waterloo and his Architectural Design degree from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Manitoba.
If there is one thing I have learned in life, David says, it is that lines are not what we stay within, but what we draw to make manifest our reality, truth, what exists, what could exist, and what we learn to see. I’m so glad there is no road map to life. Make it an interesting story, I tell my children. Invite everyone to come along on your journey and show us wonderful possibilities of what our life can be.
We all can be aware to the rhythms by which we live and to each and every stroke we take. This awareness is non-exclusive. So, whether I’ve been taking commissions or showing in galleries, or producing murals in the City of Surrey, or whether I’ve been a product designer in Bangladesh, or forming an artisan company called Maya Magination Works Inc., or teaching visual art to students, or being a [...]

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