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David was born in New Jersey but spent most of his formable years along the coastal region of Mississippi. When there, his personal connection with nature grew and he established a strong affection for the gulf waters on many of his solo sailing trips to the small barrier islands. Much like Walter Anderson, one of Mississippi’s most celebrated artist, David was inspired by the natural beauty of the local surroundings. Always drawing and painting to refine his observation of nature even in his youth.
After high school, he attended Mississippi State University and acquired a degree in graphic design. It was a much different landscape from the coast where he grew up and there he was introduced to rolling hills and cow pastures. Though primarily self-taught as a painter, David attended as many studio courses that he could. While studying the works of some of the great masters like Caravaggio, Ingres and Sargent, he felt a close connection to the classical.
David worked in the commercial design and illustration field for over 20 years after leaving college, but never lost his passion for painting. Experimenting with different mediums such as watercolor, oils and graphite when he could make the time to continue to develop his skills as an artist. He is back in the studio and has devoted his efforts to his true love… painting.
David’s paintings are representational and are focused on classic subject matters such as the still life, landscape and portrait. Whether very detailed or loose in nature, he approaches most of his paintings the same way. Working primarily as the classic painters did, he starts with an underpainting and slowly builds layers of color to create a sense light and life.
His work is among private, corporate and university collections. He has been part of multiple juried exhibitions and has [...]

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