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  • Year Born: N/A

  • Price Range: $600.00 - $3,500.00
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My story begins when I was 6 years old and my mom brought me on a plein air painting adventure.We traveled from Connecticut to Rockport Massachusetts to paint Motif No#1 the most painted building in the world.I painted my first painting that day and several others ,it would be 25 years before art got into my soul again.Illustration would be next step on my art adventure but it didn't last long. Again something grabbed me and it was old friends ,the woods and rivers were calling my name and I couldn't resist, so all my spare time was spent fly fishing ,bow hunting ,living off the land, and my art was put on hold again.Another 20 years went by and something happened that I never  would have expected,I was diagnosed with colon cancer stage three and it was during my recovery that I realized that art saved my life.My thought on cancer was to give it no space in my head and let the doctors do there thing.I decided to do my chemo by myself it was then I started to read a lot about art and made the decision to paint fish on antique furniture.During this time a friend dropped by with a photo of his son and asked me if I could do a painting of him when I had time. I said of course so a few months later while looking at the photo and a empty canvas sitting on a easel I decided to paint him, and several weeks later I had a painting that was done that I could call my friend and tell him the painting was done ,it was then I decided to make art my mission and to paint everything I never had painted which basically is everything. And that horrible disease well [...]

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