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David is an admirer of the great masters of painting and sculpture from the 15th to 19th centuries and is especially obsessed with Baroque and the technical evolution achieved in the field of figurative painting. Admiration-obsession that led him to travel to Europe and visit some of the main museums such as the Louvre and El Prado.
However, David's greatest influence is Nature. He spends a generous portion of time observing and studying the lighting effects that occur at different times of the day, under different weather circumstances, and then meditates on how to faithfully represent these phenomena, trying to understand the textures, the color, the sense of movement and distance; essential elements to create realism. Thus, David's work is born from his appreciation for the natural world, a world full of surprising elements that are often ignored due to circumstances and routine.
All this learning, research and discovery of art and nature has taken him ten years and will continue as long as he continues to paint and draw. This is evident in his paintings of wildlife, domestic animals, and landscapes.
David has responsibly focused his attention on the portrait, in order to show through painting or drawing a convincing image, without falling into the mistake of making a lifeless copy. The objective is to capture the essence of a person, collect his joy, kindness or sadness. In his creative process, in addition to careful and detailed observation, David also uses photography and digital media to develop compositions and sketches that facilitate the development of each piece. Then, when the idea is fully defined, he transfers the final design to a paper or canvas according to the technique and format required by the client.
David masters different techniques: charcoal, graphite, pastels, watercolors, ink, acrylics, airbrush ... but, his preferred mediums are limited palette oil [...]

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