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David Francis Drymala is a nationally acclaimed artist known for expressing his struggles with mental illness through art and music . You can view his recent works (2005 to present)  at http://www.davidfdrymala.com. His early works (1998-2005) as well as his music, especially rap, can be viewed at http://www.davidfrancisdrymala.com. 
David has exhibited and sold his works of art to collectors since he was 17 (1999) . His work has traveled to various states as a part of a NAMI exhibit (National Association on  Mental Illness .)
He has exhibited in Kansas City, Missouri, Austin, Texas, San Antonio, Texas and San Marcos, Texas. In 2018 and 2019 David was selected as a finalist in the CFA Artist of the Year Competition. You may reach David at [email protected] for information regarding his work such as sizes and prices..
if you are interested in seeing a trailer of the documentary about David and his art and music as a channel for his struggles with mental illness visit A Deeper Side Documentary on YouTube. We have a few copies of the documentary with a separate cd of the music which he wrote for it. If you’re interested in receiving a free copy please contact him at [email protected] Copies are extremely limited so we will be sending them on a first come first serve basis.
Please contact the artist if you are interested in purchasing a giclee of one of his pieces please email at [email protected]

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