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Born  1941

Bachelor of Arts - Major - Art Education with Studio Art minor 
California State University San Bernardino
California State Teaching Credential (Single Subject - Art)

Technical Drawing Certification - Cerritos Community College

Multi-media Arts, teaching at high school level, Native American Arts, traveling to Art museums and galleries and dancing at local powwows. 

David Four Feathers is a local artist that is living out his dreams as a creator and purveyer of the beauty of the Native American arts.  His heritage is Scotch-Irish and Cherokee-Chickasaw Indian.
His family hails from Stillwater, Oklahoma but David has lived in California most of his life.

When he was about seven, his mother asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up.  He paused and thought for a few seconds then blurted out, "I think I'll be an artist!"

During those early years, David's family travelled back and forth from California to Oklahoma and frequently stopped at trading posts along US Highway 66.  Even as a child, David was fascinated by the beauty of the Navajo, Zuni and Hopi jewelry and arts, not knowing that these would become a passion in his life.  
Through the 1950's he learned to craft silver into Native American jewelry from an uncle of a Navajo friend.  

After leaving high school, he entered the Marine Corps. and served four tours of duty in Viet Nam.  Upon returning home, he began doing some silver and turquoise jewelry and returned to Cerritos Community College earning an Associate of arts degree.  He then entered the computer industry but something seemed lacking.  Using technical art skills he learned in drafting, he found himself doodling and sketching pictures of the landscaping he wanted to develop around his home.  Eventually he left computers and opened his own landscape design and construction business.  Within ten years, David had injured himself and was [...]

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