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Born and raised in Toronto, Canada. From the summer of 2012 back from ten years living in United States and travelling abroad, I have been working full time in almost every category of commercial art, involving illustration, murals, film animation and finally, fine art painting with oils.
In 1970 after 2 years of film animation at Sheridan Community College in Oakville On. I started as an animator with Sesame Street shorts, TV commercials and the Flintstones in Montreal and Toronto, then 3 years on a feature film that had a large budget, but lost it’s direction and flopped at the box office.
Turning 25 years old, I returned to school for 2 years to study classical fine art. Drawing and (painting) every day, including two intensive study periods of human anatomy.
I later drifted into commercial art, developing various illustration techniques and cranking out storyboards for television commercials and film scripts. These are a perfect complement to my animation background and they can be a fun and a challenging, visual exercise. I also got into painting murals on canvas and building exteriors, using airbrush and spray guns.
Having had experience with acrylic paint, oils and teaching classes at two local art schools. I was finally determined to become thoroughly intimate with the various procedures of oil painting and I was beginning to put paintings into art galleries in Toronto.
In 1995 I took a concentrated study of a condensed version of a 3 year, classical painting course from an ex-Torontonian, John Michael Angel, who learned his craft and classical training from Pietro Annigoni, master painter from Italy, having been chosen to paint the young Queen Elizabeth in 1953. Angel directs and runs Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy, promoting the lost lessons of the old painting masters of Europe.
I soon began in earnest painting people, [...]

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