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Debussy once said : "Music begins where words leave off..." and I believe that the same is true of painting. Like music painting is another language, a mean's of expressing one's personal experiences and observations of the world around us. 
When painting a still life or landscape it doesn't interest me to copy nature. I look at the composition as a whole, and work from the feelings and impressions inspired by nature. I follow my intuition and play with the color rhythms and harmonies as much as I can to achieve a lively, almost musical quality to the color composition without compromising the integrity of the subject. My intention is to create a poetic transformation of nature that conveys my own personal experience with the subject, but also touches something deep within the viewer, in the same way that music touches us and brings a sense of renewal and optimism to our hearts. The greatest challenge for me is to capture the almost unspeakable beauty of nature, and then transpose this life and energy of the subject into a work of art that breathes with a new life of its own. I create my best paintings by combining my love of music with all that I've learned through the study of color in nature. Painting is a meditation for me, and I find great pleasure in observing the infinite variations and arrangements of color in nature, and tuning the composition to balance the dark and melancholy tones in the shadows with the brighter and uplifting notes in the light. 
In Rodin's words " the painting, the sculpture is the reflection of the artist's heart...."   I hope hat my paintings will speak for themselves, and remind people that life is beautiful when we take the time to listen to the quiet, subtle music of [...]

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