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  • FASO Artist Website: http://www.daviddrain.art

  • Year Born: N/A

  • Emerging artist. Started painting 2015

  • Born in Scotland. Now living in the South of Germany close to the Swiss Border

  • David is a contemporary abstract artist

  • Price Range: $300.00 - $600.00
    (This price range was estimated with limited info and may be inaccurate)

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The Artist Says:

David was born and grew up in Scotland. He has a passion for contemporary abstract art. He now lives and works in the South of Germany, on the border to Switzerland and France.
As an emerging artist, David continues to experiment and create abstract images designed to open a dialogue between you and the painted images. 



David Drain is a Scottish visual artist working in mixed media. His paintings are exclusively abstract.  
Drain’s studio and home are in a village on the edge of the Black Forest in the South of Germany, close to the Swiss border and the famous art city Basel.  He works as a full time artist at his home studio.
David Drain was born and raised in the hilly region of the Scottish Southern Uplands, south of Edinburgh and Glasgow. As a teenager, He was keen on attending art college after leaving school, but instead ended up studying Engineering at Strathclyde University, Glasgow, after which he has worked extensively across the globe in the Oil, Petrochem and Pharmaceutical industries. Drain has travelled and lived and worked in many international locations, including Switzerland, France, Middle East, Ukraine as well as the UK. He reignited his passion for painting and drawing a couple of years ago and has subsequently taken part in art workshops, art classes and training programs. He is currently a member of the Art2LifeAcademy under the leadership of Nicholas Wilton.
Nature and the subtle interplay of light have always held a fascination for him.  Growing up in the Southern Uplands region in Scotland, he experienced the influence of variations in the quality of light and weather on the intensity, subtlety and richness of colours in nature. Ruins of old, abandoned factories and ancient stone buildings, with their fascinating weathered surfaces, crumbling structures, subtle shades of old walls and aged wood, patina and rust on abandoned machinery have all been sources of lasting inspiration for David Drain.
Over many years Drain has been influenced by master artists including Klee, Kandinsky, Richter, Pollock, Stella. In particular Paul Klee has proven to be a major influence in his work.
First solo exhibition
November/December 2017 at HGP Management Consultants, Basel, Switzerland.
Group Exhibitions
April 2018, exhibiting resident artist [...]

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