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Most everyone has a fond memory from their childhood.  My fond memories smell like oil paint.  Sunday outings, after church, Mom packed a breakfast for our family.  We visited all the California missions.  Dad communed with God on his day of rest while Mom set up her easel to paint.  She painted all day long while we (9) nine children played on the mission grounds.   She painted them all.  The smell of oil paint lingered in our home through the years.  More than Mom's apple pie, I love her, I love art, and sue me, I love the smell of oil paint.
Later, in school, I loved the art classes.  In college, I took every art course available.  Then life got busy.  12 restaurants, several businesses, 3 marriages, 5 children, and 4 grand children.   Art was always there, in our homes and in our bloodline.  My 1st daughter, known professionally as "Courtney Jordan" is an accomplished artist.  After graduating from The Rhode Island Institute of Art she has been using her God given talent in her paintings and her work as an interior designer.   Jordan Design Crew, her L.A. based interior design team does work worldwide.  Very proud of Courtney and her talent!
My restaurants were all about the art of food.  Designing an ad, the decor, the menu, or a dish became the passion that drove me.  In a venture with my 1st son, Dave Jr., we designed ad campaigns for a mobil bill board trucking company.  It's always about the art and design.  Very proud of Dave Jr. and his talent!  An artist and excellent chef in his own right.
My clients today appreciate my additional skills in art and design.   My brain is always envisoning creative ideas to create a more beautiful space.  Even hard to work with [...]

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