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I remember sitting in Ms. Brooks first grade class on the second floor at Claiborne Elementary looking out the window and listening to the birds sing. When without warning I suddenly felt a sharp wack on the back of my neck. Instinctively fiinching away while turning at the same time to see "those" two piecing eyes zeroing in thru tear drop glasses, was . . . oh no Ms. Brooks and her killer ruler. "What are you doing!" was not a question but a declaration that I was in trouble. Words I heard so many times that I would hear them in my sleep. I was drawing. I was always drawing. And I have been drawing ever since. Nothing has held my interest like art. I paint every day as a commitment to myself to perfect the God given abilities I have been blessed with. Painting is what I love and long to be doing when I am not doing it. This is a passion that I don’t intend on neglecting, but nurturing for the rest of my life. Most of my paintings are plein air and most are birthed from the rural lifestyle that my wife and I enjoy close to our home in the country surrounded by horses, cows and the many elements of nature.

Collectors Say:

The "Shed" arrive today……I LOVE it. Thank you Dave for sending it so quickly. I'm going to printout the story that goes along with it onto the back. You know whats funny is I've always known where I would put it……so I set it there and right above it is one of my painting with the exact frame.  Keep up the good work….I so enjoy the knife work that you are doing along with the brush…..  Jude


Born in Yokohama to a U.S. serviceman stationed in Japan after World War II, Dave and his family often moved from one state to another before settling in North Louisiana during his high school years. Upon graduation, he did a stint in the Navy, returned to North Louisiana to marry the girl back home, studied graphic art at Louisiana Tech in Ruston, and launched a 35-year career as a graphic artist, illustrator and editorial artist for newspapers, magazines and advertising companies. During that time his designs and illustrations have won numerous regional and national awards from the American Advertising Federation. In 1984 he was selected as the official artist by USA’84, the marketing sponsor for the United States Olympic Committee. Over a span of thirty five years while working as a designer and illustrator he began to explore painting as his creative diversion.
Since 2008, he has developed an insatiable desire to paint daily. Receiving instruction from noted painters Michael Dudash, Michael Workman and Fredericksburg Art School. While attending Plein Air Workshops at the Scottsdale Artist School sparked even more motivation on his path of expression. By exploring various visual approaches, Dave feels that he is developing as an artist and isn’t limited to just one approach. The discoveries he makes along the way are what fuel his desire to paint.Dave’s paintings have received numerous awards in regional and national shows and has work hanging in private collections throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Europe.Dave paints out of his studio at his home he shares with his wife Cathey on their farm in Louisiana.
My paintings grow out of the southern rural life my wife and I enjoy close to our home in the country, where we are surrounded by horses, cows, and the many elements characteristic to the rural outdoor [...]

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