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Dáša's interest in art emerged as a teen, but for 2 decades this would have to wait. At an early age, Dáša's abilities in the sciences established her as one of the United States’ greatest young scientists, winning a record number of 7 International Science and Engineering Fair Awards in 1982.  Dáša was recipient of the US Army Cherry Blossom Award and was presented as an Honorary Guest to Prince and Princess Hitachi at the Japan Student Science Awards.  Dáša subsequently earned a BS in Zoology and a Masters Degree of Public Health from the University of South Florida which then led to a 20 year career in Continuing Medical Education (CME). Dáša's desire for art recently re-awakened, and with great force, quickly became an obsession as she began to take workshops with the world’s leading contemporary realism masters such as Nelson Shanks, Robert Liberace, and David Leffel. In pursuit of the best classical training, she attended leading realism academies such as the Florence Academy of Art and the Lorenzo Medici School of Art in Italy.“My greatest artistic influences are certainly the old masters. I have a particular reverence for Da Vinci’s inventiveness, Monet’s color skill, Sargent’s intensity, Sorolla's ability to paint intense light and Ilya Repin for the emotive force of his characters. Rembrandt, however, is my supreme influence as his magnificent textures and luminosity are unparalleled.”Oil is Dáša's primary medium, but exploratory writing and drawing are equally vital. “Drawing allows me to capture the energy and essence of a person… a fleeting moment, an unusual light, and to express and explore the unrelenting stream of inspirations.”Dáša's works include the Portrait, Nude Portrait, Figure, Landscape, and Still Life but she is especially drawn to the emotive forces that are all around us, in all things. "I believe that strength in art [...]

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