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I was born in the Crimea, Ukraine. It’s a small but scenic peninsula with beautiful nature and rocky mountains surrounded by the Black sea.
I started painting very early, and it has always been my passion. After a workshop on oil painting I took when I was 18, I realized that oil paints were my medium, and started taking online classes and workshops on oil painting. The nature around was always there to inspire me. 
When I moved to US in 2015, the passion to paint got more time and inspiration — both by local landscapes and by memories of always being able to relax by the sea.
I see my paintings as a tribute to the beauty of the world, and it is very fascinating to me when other people feel that beauty in my art. I find inspiration in the nature around me, in the contrast of colors, in landscapes, in memories of my travels. I love how calming it is to spend time by the water, so oceans, lakes, and rivers are frequent objects of my paintings.
Because I paint in traditional style, sometimes it takes hours to get something just right. Portraits and landscape present different challenges, but I love both! Perfecting my paintings is a meditative process and I love it.
I am proud to be a member of Texas Artist Coalition and Oil Painters of America Association.


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