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Born on a farm in central Massachusetts, Daria Shachmut has had a lifelong love of animals and art. Her mother was an exhibiting artist and teacher who encouraged her from an early age. Daria was drawing by the age of 4 and enjoyed Saturday art classes at the Worcester Art Museum as a child. There she learned how to mix red, blue, and yellow paint to make brown, the color of a golden palomino horse. From that moment on she was hooked on the magic of color.  At a young age she was  drawn to painting the human figure and portraiture. In her early adult years she moved to California where she taught art in public school and later at three community colleges. Those were happy years teaching and sharing what she had learned with other aspiring artists.  However after a divorce, she found she could not support herself on three part-time teaching positions. Making a 180 degree career turn, she went to business school and earned an MBA at UCLA. From there she worked in the corporate world, eventually remarrying, raising two children and then caring for aging parents.  This detour was finally eclipsed when she moved with her husband Ken to the Monterey Peninsula in California. Before she connected with other local artists and models, she satisfied her need to paint portraits by focusing upon the Hereford cows of Big Sur, California.  She became obsessed with their beauty, their unique personalities and gestures. Committing to taking at least one week long workshop each year,  Daria has had the privilege of learning from Carolyn Anderson, Rose Frantzen, Bob Gerbracht, Daniel Gerhartz,  Quang Ho, David Leffel, Huihan Liu,and Jeffrey Watts among others. Daria is grateful to her husband Ken who has supported her in her art career and has become an [...]

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