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I come from a family of artists, both amateur and professional. I grew up surrounded by paints, canvases, and pastels, which I experimented with from a young age. Most of my early pieces came from my imagination. I began taking art classes several years ago to learn how to recreate what I saw in front of me and to be surrounded and inspired by the creative energy of teachers and fellow artists.
I was a full-time legal assistant for 25+ years, recently transitioning to part-time to pursue other interests, including art, photography, hiking, skiing, travel, and spiritual studies. I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and have moved around the country quite a bit, living in Chicago, the Gulf Coast of Florida and San Diego, before settling permanently in the foothills near Denver. The places I have lived and traveled to have given me a great appreciation for the beautiful scenery and diverse cultures of our world. It’s such an inspiration for an artist.
I have exhibited my portraits and landscapes at numerous art shows throughout the Rocky Mountain region, winning several awards. I am a signature member of the Colorado Watercolor Society, and, currently, Vice President of the Mountainside Art Guild located in Lakewood, Colorado. 

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