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Welcome to my online gallery. This site is a representation of a large portion of my art and creativity dating back to (approximately) 1994. It’s always evolving, and God willing, getting better as I continue to paint and design.  Although most of what you will see here is military aviation, my subject matter varies from landscapes and still life, pin-ups and portraits. Aviation, however, holds a special place in my life, not only as a worthy subject matter but also as a primary vocation. I was an Enlisted Aircrew member in the U.S. Air Force off and on since 1986. From December 1998 to August 2018 I was a KC-135 Boom Operator in Oklahoma. I loved the job and it offered a unique view on aviation that most will never know.  I am currently employed as an Artist/Historian for Air Force Reserve Command.
I am always open to your (constructive) criticism, requests and inquiries.  I'd love to hear from you!
-Darby Perrin

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