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                                                              Art Class, Lulwanda Children's Home, Mbale Uganda  

Welcome to Dan O'Rourke Fine Art. The Texas painter, broadcast journalist and filmmaker enjoys a broad following. His canvasses hang in cities such as Houston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and San Francisco.
Concentrating in oil landscapes, his work is characterized by pathways, trees  and mood-establishing light. His influences include George Inness, Asher Durand, and John Constable.  
He studied Art History at Indiana University but didn't become a serious painter until his 40's.  Largely self-taught, he now studies under the great Russian painter Aleksandr Titovets. Today, his large, atmospheric African paintings are a favorite with collectors, as well as recent paintings in the American desert southwest.
Dan has been an award-winning television journalist since the 1970s, primarily in his native Indianapolis and in Houston, and has served as a producer/reporter for ABC News, NBC News, PBS, and Fox. Four times he has been named Best Reporter in Texas by the Associated Press. He became a national finalist in NASA's search to send the first journalist into space, until the Challenger shuttle tragedy ended the project.

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