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Oftentimes our modern lives seem overloaded. We are constantly lulled into juggling with having to do this, needing to go there, meeting the next time limit you have got to be obedient to and a slew of other information that wants to be registered and priority-screened. We unconsciously seem to be in a need to escape reality by creating our own with all these distractions we choose to succumb to. It tends to keep us away from seeing the true beauty of a cloud for example. The instinct to tell somebody about it or grab your phone to snap a picture appears to be much more desirable than to just let it be what it is. 
A moment in the ever forward drifting here and now. A moment that cannot fully be captured by a picture or photograph. We might glorify or dissect the image but it is always about technicalities. The true essence of the moment you would spend with that cloud is that it's a finite one, fleeting but unique. 
My work suggests a disconnect from the nature. Technology has created an interference, a distortion, a filter between us and the organic world. Our willful enslavement to money, an artificial value, has alienated us from most natural values. My aim is to show that barrier, to inspire a longing in the viewer, a desire to swipe away that curtain and see the complete picture but also awaken a curiosity to learn to value what beauty is left and try to make amends for what we have destroyed. To step off the artificial throne of independence, to humbly consider our place among all life interwoven, to participate mindfully.
Unfortunately, everything in nature has a price tag on [...]

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