An example of fine art by DAN MCWILLIAMS



My purpose is to capture the way light plays on surfaces to convey a feeling or mood. I paint scenes you or I might see daily but typically don’t take the time to focus on. I endeavor to find a new angle to look at an old subject. Everything has been painted, but not yet through my eyes. 
It has been said that, “Dan’s brushwork extracts the spirit of his subjects while illuminating the transient nature of light and color.  Evoking nostalgia, his paintings stir emotions and memories for the viewer.”  Dan works in oils to capture the essence of his subject ranging from the last glow of a sunset to a child at play. McWilliams characterizes his style as a blend of impressionistic realism.  Born in 1956 in Sheldon, Missouri Dan went on to study art at MSSU then pursued a career as an illustrator for twenty plus years. After prayerful consideration he jumped at the opportunity to paint full time in 2001 and has never looked back.

McWilliams has shown in several regional and national competitions and his paintings have been featured in Lake Magazine Chicago. Some of his latest accomplishments include 2008 Grand Prize Mini 50 for Paint the Parks as well as a juror’s award for the Top 100 Paint the Parks. Dan recently finished a mural commissioned by Newton County Tourism Bureau that will be on display in Stella Missouri, in addition some of his work has been selected to grace the walls of the new BKD Corporate headquarters in Springfield, MO.  

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