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“There is that fleeting moment when you strain to see the last light of day, that if effectively captured can heighten the emotional response to a painting.”


    Five decades ago, Daniel picked up a brush to paint on location around a gold country pond, starting his first canvas in oil. Now largely a studio painter, his lifelong passion for painting has never wavered.
   Born in Seattle, WA, Daniel grew up in Oregon, Washington and Alaska. His parents moved to California in 1970. As a teenager Daniel’s interest in natural history led him to spend many glorious hours wandering the fields and woodlands of the outdoors near his home. His early mentor, professional painter Nevin Kempthorne Fleet, saw promise in her young protégé and her encouragement and belief in his natural ability at age fifteen has remained a major inspiration to him during his long career. He still refers to her teaching methods and principles often in his workshops.
   Chasing the light and soul of the landscape, his subjects are drawn for the diverse views of California. From the high deserts to the seashore, the brilliance of Sierra mountain aspens in fall, to woodland streams, wine country vineyards, marshland waterways and the golden foothill grasslands, Daniel carefully crafts picture designs on canvas. Daniel is especially drawn to late evenings when the light has almost left the landscape. His work often takes on a spiritual quality that seems to transcend the sense of capturing a particular location. Daniel starts with a few reference photos and begins his work by producing several drawings in charcoal on paper which are largely invented depictions. Then when one of these sketches exhibit some of the elements he’s looking for in the potential work he begins the painting using the drawing as his primary inspiration. The photo references become merely a source for additional anatomical detail.
   Daniel Mundy has been featured in Art of the West magazine. He was represented by the former Greenhouse [...]

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