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  • Price Range: $600.00 - $18,000.00
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Originally from California, Daniel has been painting for most of his adult life. Although he prides himself as mostly self-taught, Daniel has participated in independent and small group art studies with a short list of important and renowned artists/instructors. His first mature works were shown to the public in 1990 after he joined a small co-op art gallery in Hawaii, it was there that he made his first impact with the public. Later, He went on to show his work in galleries and showings throughout the state of Hawaii. Today, Daniel’s works are collected internationally.
In 2000, Daniel began teaching outdoor “en Plein air” painting to adults. He continues teaching and participating in solo and group shows.
In 2005, Daniel moved to New Mexico. In the serenity of the High Desert, Daniel built his new studio where he set out to hone his artistic skills, further developing his unique artistic vision and more consciously creating his art. The resulting works capture the New Mexico landscape, seen through his distinct artist’s eye.
Daniel’s move to New Mexico became the impetus for him to reinvent his artistic vision so he could focus on his new path. 



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Daniel Bethune has been painting most of his adult life. Although primarily self-taught, he has sought refinement and expansion of his natural abilities through private and group art study under the direction of renowned artists.
In 1990, his first works were introduced to the public in a small co-op gallery on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. His art impressed collectors and the public, and Daniel began receiving invitations to install his work in galleries and showings across the state.
In 2000, Daniel began teaching outdoor - en Plein Air - painting to adults amid the famous ocean, beach, forest and mountain landscapes. He continues to participate in solo and group shows, embracing this branch of impressionism that represents outdoor light and air.
In 2005, Daniel moved from Hawaii to New Mexico. In the serenity of the High Desert, Bethune built his studio and began focusing solely on his art. Inspired by the constant but ever-changing beauty of this region, he further developed his unique artistic vision.
The resulting work captured the New Mexico landscape seen through Bethune's distinct eye. He soon discovered that his paintings could dictate their own outcome.
Daniel explains, "I begin with a basic theme, but instead of trying to overthink the process and merely replicate a landscape as I would in the past, I now consciously remove myself from the mechanics and let the brush strokes dictate."
Today, his paintings are collected internationally.
Daniel's work can be seen at his private studio in Lamy, New Mexico.
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