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Dan Bulleit
5222 Clover Ridge Drive • Greenville, Indiana 
Home: (812) 923-5972 • Cell: (502) 594-0026 
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“Wow, look at those teeth!, Mom come see the teeth that Danny drew!”
I was about 5 when my oldest brother called me out. When you are the middle child of what grew to be 11, you looked for ways to stand out or become part of the wallpaper. And so began my initial interest in art. I was somebody. With imagination, I drew whatever effected me. Sometimes I even got to use unlined paper! I remember spending months drawing images of John Kennedy after the assassination, and marveled at Norman Rockwell depictions. I drew the “Draw the Pirate” from ads promoting a correspondence art school. But I always pushed back against the artist preconceived image of the beret, smock and goatee. I never wanted to call attention to myself. And life didn’t seem to be about aesthetics, practicality, yard work, polishing my Dad's shoes and carrying out the garbage was more the rule.
I battled a Catholic upbringing in New Albany, Indiana. I wasn’t the best in academia or at co-existing with the nuns at the time. I was scared of them more than anything else, but their penmanship was incredible and I took a liking to their Palmer handwriting method. Keeping my status as an alter boy was a challenge but made me feel a little special. I hoped for school projects that involved any kind of artwork. These opportunities were my chance to shine. It was always a means of self-expression but I’d never put it like that. I wasn’t a “popular kid” at school and was content for the background until my name was called when I would stutter a response.  
High School sort of came and went as I stayed mostly [...]

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