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The figure is the vehicle for my studio practice. It is here that I explore human emotion with passages of paint, through color, texture and light. It is a place that I allow myself to succeed or fail without regret.
Born In Kansas City and raised in Santa Fe, N.M.
I was attracted by the color and texture of the milieu in which I grew up, Drawn to the internal and external landscape of New Mexico, it sparked an invitation for me to draw and paint. There was an undercurrent of life that I could feel was present but not obvious to the eye. 
I was enrolled in an art school at the age of 14, not so much as a testament to my talents, but as a way to get me interested in school of which I was not. It took some maneuvering, but it worked at least for a while. I had excellent teachers!
I have been very blessed in that I have had very good professional artists as mentors throughout my life. I studied art at University of California at Santa Cruz Cabrillo College, College of Santa Fe, In that, I have developed an intimate understanding of the nature and behavior of the painting process with all its varied nuances. However the best and most effective teacher has been the time I've spent working in the studio.
In 1994, I relocated to the Santa Cruz Mountains in California.  It is in this setting that I became a figurative painter.  The figure provides the catalyst to express the undercurrents of human experience that have characterized my painting.  
In the studio, I work from multiple images as a dropping off point and from memory. I want to let the paint do its work and let it tell me where to go. The canvas gets subjected [...]

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