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I am a new artist who recently discovered that I had an ability and love of painting! I have no formal training or schooling, but have spent the last 11 years experimenting with different mediums and painting styles.  I have found doing impressionistic pastels to be a very meditative and relaxing mode of expression where as the acrylic abstracts I have done are very fun, free and energetic. I have enjoyed experimenting with watercolors, though I haven't really gotten the hang of it yet.  I currently work a full time job in the Aerospace industry, but enjoy painting on my days off which are not often enough.
I began painting when my wife challenged me to make good on my comment of being able to paint a better painting than one she wanted to purchase. She liked it so much, that since then, I have been exploring the styles that I am best able to express my own interpretation of the wonders of God's creation and sharing them with others. Sometimes I just enjoy exploring the colors and movement of an idea or image I see. I appreciate hearing your feedback, so be sure to leave me a message.

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