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I live and work in my hometown of Grand Junction, Colorado, minutes from the Colorado River and my childhood home. My wife and I reside in an inspired cloister of residences and studios with our collection of four-legged companions. 

I always knew I wanted to be an artist. That is something I never questioned. I have not, however, always consciously worked at being one. Other pursuits also keep my hands and mind busy, as I push to discover how things are made and what makes them go. I have always found inspiration in what can be created at the tips of fingers or in the strength of hands. There is beauty in a well-executed craft, whether in traditional art media, a newly tilled field, or a beautifully prepared meal.  

When sculpting in clay, I easily see what hands are capable of. In fact, from the very beginning of my life as an artist, I was drawn to clay because of the nearly instant gratification that comes from the swift creation of what was merely an idea just moments before. Clay tools are my allies in the quest for perfection of form, color and function, and I enjoy the interaction of these tools in my hands as a piece of work comes together. 

I strive to carefully throw and trim each functional piece, something you might pick up and use every day, to give it a light, elegant feel, in keeping with a traditional commitment to quality and craftsmanship. After many years of throwing, I now strive daily to maintain a balance between the perfection of form and the organic nature of clay, maintaining something of the clay in its natural state. Fusing organic forms to perfected ceramic shapes is a major thrust in my current work.

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