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Dale Hueppchen (pronounced Hip'-kin) has been an active picturemaker for most of his life.
Painting almost exclusively in oils, Dale enjoys exploring a wide range of subject matter. Relying on varied image sources - sketches from life, photographs, a well-stocked visual memory, and an active imagination - the artist chooses forms and compositions that resonate in his mind. These nascent images may be first worked up in pencil, or drawn directly onto the painting surface with chalk or paint. Once the essential form is established, color is added in layers, and the feel of the piece may undergo marked and unexpected changes in the days, weeks or months that pass before it is given its final, finishing touch.Dale's painting has deep and diverse roots. As a photograph in his family album shows - the not-yet-three year old artist curled up on the floor intently working on a drawing - he was absorbed in his art from the beginning. At the age of eight he was given his first art lesson by a family friend, the Michigan artist Gordon Krieghoff. That same year Dale entered two paintings in the Wisconsin State fair, winning both first and second prizes in his age group. Later, at Rice University in Houston, he took courses in painting and drawing, and, after graduation, began a period where he focused exclusively on fine art photography.During this time, Dale set up a small photography school called Your Mind's Eye in Falls Church, Virginia which he ran from 1975 to 1985. His teaching subsidized a personal exploration of photography's artistic potential, as he created a number of discrete portfolios of work together with a few one-of-a-kind artist books. [...]

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