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Born in Columbia, SC, Cynthia Cochran Kinard grew up in the mountains of western NC where her father was born and raised. From early on her father blessed her with the necessary tools for experimenting with various mediums and by age eight Cynthia knew she had found her calling. Starting with charcoal portraits, she acquired an early love for rendering likenesses. One day her father brought home a beautifully illustrated book of the life and times of Rembrandt. From that moment on, Cynthia was an avid student of the Old Masters. She rejected the various art movements through the years and clung to her passion for realism with its inherent academic disciplines. Cynthia went on to earn a BA degree in Art and a BA degree in Modern Foreign Languages from Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, NC, where she graduated with honors.  Her academic training began there under a Polish artist, Wielhorski. Altogether, Cynthia has over eight years of formal training. Like the Old Masters, her interests were broad, including writing, science, architecture, and later computer programming, all of which in one way or another have been important to her career as an artist.While at Western, Cynthia’s senior project was to copy a self portrait of Rembrandt. She accomplished this 5' x 4' painting of the “The Standard Bearer” using the grid method. In 2005 she completed another copy of a Rembrandt 1640 Self Portrait in Italy using the underpainting, overpainting and glazing techniques used during the 16th and 17th centuries by such masters as Rembrandt, Titian, Velasquez, van Dyck and Hals. During the time Cynthia was in Italy she studied these 16th and 17th Century Portrait Painting Techniques at the Angel Academy of Art under Maestro Michael John Angel, one of the foremost portrait painters in the world. Maestro Angel studied under Pietro [...]

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