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“From the time I was very young growing up in Maine I have had an insatiable desire to make things. My hands always have to be doing something, and my mind is always thinking about how to make something else-how to manipulate materials into a new creation, something strange, something that is not quite what is sitting in front of me. I love to make art that has tactile qualities. Texture in my art adds a feeling of liveliness. One of the reasons that I love oil painting is that when I am painting my visual and tactile senses come together and create a spiritual space for me to exist in.” Cyndi
Cyndi Gonzalez grew up in a rural farming community in Midcoast Maine with her six siblings, within walking distance of her grandparents In high school she won a third place prize for an oil painting of the family farm which emboldened the spark of creativity. Over the years she has experimented with drafting, textile arts, sculpture and poetry-only to come back to oil painting as her first and most enduring love. Now she is established in Sonoma County with her husband and three grown children, ready to continue painting and share her spiritual space with the community.

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