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At a young age living in California, Cynthia was influenced by watching cartoons and by her frequent trips to Disneyland. Later, she enjoyed watching her grandmother draw landscapes and grew to love watching those sceneries become beautiful paintings. But it wasn't until she moved to Bennett Colorado with her husband and two children that she started getting serious about her art. Cynthia started out airbrushing t-shirts and jackets,using many various designs to make unique and fun wearable art. She was also in demand during the Christmas season painting holiday scenes on store front windows. She then decided to take her airbrush to canvas, utilizing her 8 years as a graphic artist to create whimsical artwork. After exploring many different types of artistry forms and techniques, she began to focus on painting in a more traditional style using watercolors and acrylics to create wildlife landscapes. From this, she discovered and developed her love of pet portraits.
Although Cynthia has been given some professional training, she considers herself self-taught. She spent years studying the Disney style of painting along with different types of animation and figure design. But she has grown and enhanced her talent mostly through years of practice including gaining instruction from numerous art books and studying many other sources of art education.
Cynthia Damron goes into the sole of each pet through their eyes and connects with their individual and special personalities. Through her impressionistic realism, she brings the viewer right into her paintings to have them enjoy what she has experienced or envisioned. Damron's artwork prompts an expressive and peaceful response and creates a new and meaningful way for the observer to relate to and enjoy.

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