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  • Price Range: $425.00 - $7,000.00
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I was born and raised in lush, verdant south Louisiana.
As a child, I was drawn to wild places and spent hours in thick woods and creek banks overgrown with wild violets, ferns and dense green moss. It was like a fairyland to me and always awakened a sense of peace and joy.

Some of my earliest memories are of my fascination with the beauty of nature. These experiences of wonder were as unique as a snowflake and as fleeting as the dawn.
So even at this early age, I felt compelled to find a way to capture these moments forever with paper and pencil. Thus began my love for art and my journey as an artist.
My family made their first trek to Colorado when I was 6 years old. I was instantly smitten with the Rocky Mountains. Everything about these ancient mountains spoke to my heart and I knew that someday I would make this magical place my home.
I finally got the chance when I moved to Colorado in my early twenties. I spent years exploring, hiking, backpacking, and immersing myself in all the mountains had to offer.

Along the way I gave birth to the other joy of my life, my beautiful daughter Sarah. I was fortunate to be able to support us both as a very successful graphic designer and copywriter for twenty-five years.
I say I was fortunate for a number of reasons. The most relevant of these was that as a graphic designer I consistently had to draw well over and over again.
The practice made me a better artist and instilled in me the focus, discipline, and determination required to hone my skills and continually improve my craft. It was these same attributes that made it possible for me to finally realize my dream of launching a painting career twenty years ago.
After a [...]

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