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Cydney Springer lives at Redwing Cottage and paints at Redwing Studio, on a hillside overlooking Estes Park with windows that frame Longs Peak. “I’ve always been most present with myself when I’m close to Nature like this,” she explains as she gazes at Rocky Mountain National Park in the distance. “I feel at peace here, and grateful to live in such beauty.” As a child, Cyd felt drawn to the wild places, where houses left off and forests began. “My grandmother lived in the woods, and in those woods was a creek. It was totally banked in green moss, wild violets, and flowers,” she muses. “I was awe-struck by that fairy land; it was incredibly beautiful and mysterious.” Cydney conveys that sense of awe in her landscapes, portraying the natural world sensitively and passionately. Rich and muted colors and contrasting light and dark imagery vivify distant mountains, trails gilded by aspen leaves, reflections dancing on water.   Her work reaches for one’s emotions. “My paintings touch into a very personal experience of Nature. It’s my own experience, but somehow the paintings seem to evoke something similar in others,” she says. “I’m often told, ‘That really moves me,’ or ‘Just looking at that makes me feel good; it reminds me of one of my favorite times.’”  After studying art in high school and college, Cyd consistently longed to capture, on canvas, the enrapturing essence of Nature. In 2002, she broke free of a long career in graphic design to study intently with artists who inspired her and her work. In 2004, she stepped into the life of professional artist.  Cyd paints almost constantly, with focus, determination, and astonishing productivity.  Her passion for her work comes across in a style that presents Nature with what can [...]

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