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  • Price Range: $100.00 - $4,200.00
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Curtis Jaunsen grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. He studied architecture at the Georgia Institute of Technology and worked as a professional architect for the next twenty years. During this time he spent many hours working as an artist primarily painting abstracts. He had a brief affiliation with the short lived Urban Art Gallery in Midtown Atlanta. 
Artist's Statement: For as long as I can remember I've been drawn to the emotional potential of art. I began my career as a full time artist by first spending two years at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy. Among the so many valuable lessons I learned, one of the most important was learning to appreciate much more deeply the beauty of light. Now, whether I'm painting landscapes, portraits, or still lifes, whether I'm adhering as closely as possible to nature or exploring the abstract possibilities of paint, I remain enthralled by the beauty of light. Today I live with my family on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, painting in my studio or outside, always seeking to filter nature's innate beauty through the eyes of an artist. 
Media: DeSoto Magazine, September, 2015
In Pursuit of Painting,  click here to open pdf file
Plein Air Magazine, September, 2015
Capturing the Beauty of Light and Atmosphere, click here to open pdf file

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