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Crystal was born in the mountains of Bath County, Virginia. She has had careers in communications, marketing, graphic design, and publishing production. After moving to Singapore in 2000, she trained with international artist and author, Antonija Gros, and discovered a love of painting and drawing. She continued her artistic studies in the U.S. after returning in 2002, and has studied extensively with internationally acclaimed color pencil and portrait artist and author, Ann Kullberg. Crystal has been selling her own work since 2002, and has paintings and drawings in private collections in the U.S.Unconventional and Conventional PortraitsBorn a detail person, Crystal spends a lot of time analyzing shapes, lights, and darks and transforms them into unique and realistic and/or surrealistic compositions.  She is drawn to thought-provoking facial angles that compel the viewer to consider their own interpretation of the subjectís thought at a moment in time. The angle of the subjectís face evokes a strong emotional connection. In addition to what would be perceived as Conventional Portraits (a standard, formal portrait), creating a combination of realistic and surrealistic work is a new direction for Crystal. Inspired by the passion and complexity of the lives of her subjects, she intends to provide a big-picture look at their life on one canvas while not taking the focus off of the individual in Unconventional Portraits. Crystal includes many iconic symbols in a very subtle, surreal manner in the background with a realistic creation of the subject in the foreground. Upon close inspection, the true nature of the subject comes alive. Researching a subjectís interests through discussions with them and/or with some of their family members and friends, she compiles her notes and creates these compositions with icons that represent as many of the areas of interest that the canvas size will allow in a subtle, [...]

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