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There is always a story behind my abstract paintings.
The way I arrange colors and shapes expresses a movement in space and time that includes a whole series of experiences and emotions that I have lived: things that I have seen and savored, places that I have visited and loved, encounters and relationships with people, wonders, doubts, pains, joys... everything merges on the canvas when I let the pictorial gesture go freely. The canvas is the place where my soul can live out loud.
I want my paintings to be for you a voice, a hand that indicates the beauty inside yourself and in the world. The possibility of wonder. The existence of an elsewhere.
I paint in acrylic and mixed media on canvas and paper: paintings are built layer by layer, with gestural and expressive freedom, and at the same time with the intention of obtaining a harmonious and energetic composition.The surface is worked with expressive brushstrokes, collage, scratchings, splashes of color, pencil and pastel marks, and various pictorial tools to obtain a lively texture.Colors are of primary importance for me, and I'm constantly researching for new nuances and combinations that can explore the full range of human emotions and experiences.

I live in Verona, Italy with my husband, my son and my daughter, and since some years I'm a full-time artist.
I started my artistic path many years ago. At the beginning I made landscapes and other figurative genres in watercolor, now I paint abstracts on canvas in acrylic and mixed media. Between these two apparently distant moments I recognize a deep bond: it has been the continuous experimentation that always guided me and made who I am today.
Painting is not the simple application of more or less refined techniques, but it demands a continuous research within ourselves: therefore it cannot [...]

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