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I strive for excellence paired with emotion with each creation. Life sometimes brings happiness, sometimes sorrow. My personal creations depict the mood I am feeling, depending on what life is bringing my way. Commissions are handled with the client's wishes every step of the process. I have painted post humous portraits  of children, pets and landscapes that are meaningful to the customer. I hope to bring beauty and peace through art to the viewer.


Courtney Panzer is a graduate of the American Academy of Art in Chicago. She obtained her degree in electronic (computer) design in 1996. Working as a web graphics designer for years, she "retired" after starting a family. Along with her beautiful children, came the inspiration to return to drawing and painting. Life drawing at the American Academy of Art was her foundation to build upon and incorporate color. Teaching herself though books, online videos and experimentation has greatly influenced her competency as a painter. She has commissioned paintings for her clients, capturing the emotion and joy of her subjects. New Visions Gallery, Waterstreet Studios and Batavia City Hall have displayed her work. Painting is her life's passion, as well as being a therapeutic outlet while raising four children. 

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