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Artist Statement - Or something like that...…. 
A Passionate, Progressive Abstract Pastel and Mixed Media Artist.
I am a signature Member of the Pastel Society of America and an Associate Artist / Ambassador with Unison Colour - maker of fine handmade pastels  www.unisoncolour.com
My platform, my passion and my obsession is art.  Art is a part of who I am and a necessity in my life, it is how I express myself.  I work in both pastels and acrylics - mixed media.  I love trying new tools or techniques in the creation of my art and I am continuously working to evolve my craft, push the boundaries of traditonal pastels, it is a continuous process of learning.  I have a strong desire to learn and push the boundaries of abstraction and at times a love hate relationship, but nothing I would rather be doing.   Inspiration comes from memories such as places traveled or from what is currently happening around me and in the world at large.  Part of my abstraction obsession involves creating unique collage elements from vintage papers, out of circulation engineering books that I use as a tool in the creation of both pastels and mixed media art.   My art is about being in the moment and projecting that energy onto the canvas. 
Biography /Resume
Cory Goulet is an award-winning artist, born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  As of May this year Cory is happy to announce, a new member of the Unison Colour Team, Associate Artist / Ambassador.    
Creativity or the act of being creative has always been a part of her life.  The real desire to art began after a wonderful three-week international artist excursion to Italy, since then there has been no going back. 
Over the years her style has evolved, her recent work in [...]

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