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  At 14 years old my mother dropped me off at an old cabin that was filled with stretched canvases, paint splattered walls and very little furniture. There, an elderly man would teach me the difference between looking and seeing, and so began my mentorship with Roger Hebert, an accomplished French Canadian artist and lover of all things beautiful.
At 18 I was accepted into OCAD in Toronto, Canada, and graduated with a BFA. After two solo shows and three honorary awards I turned my attention to film making, spiritual seeking and eventually relationship counseling which occupied me for many years to come.  After two and a half decades I returned to my first love, Art, and I'm thrilled to have renewed my vow of undying love and loyalty (till death do us part).
With a sense of urgency to make up for lost years, I paint every day now and have picked up almost exactly where I left off so long ago, with a focus on figurative art and portraiture in the style of Contemporary Realism. This time around bringing a more mature appreciation for the spirit that shines behind the eyes of those I paint.
'A Woman's World' began with eight paintings depicting women placed high above the earth and cosmos, representing the feminine healing and protective motherly love that is so needed on our beloved planet. Out of this grew my portraits of women, both known and unknown. These collective images speak to the unique beauty and common strength found in every women (known and unknown) from every culture and every age.
'Art' and I now reside in my Mill Valley art studio.
You can choose to own any of the original works that are available or you can order Giclee prints on both canvas and paper.
Consider the timeless gift of a commissioned portrait.
 These artistic creations honor the lives [...]

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