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The Artist Says:

I feel blessed to live in Alaska.  I love meeting new people from other parts of the United States, and around the world, that come up to visit every year.  I think Alaska is one of the most beautiful places on our planet.  I enjoy being able to share a part of this great state, that I call home, with others through my artwork.


My Story

I met Iva Cooney, the previous artist/business owner of Ink Goes Wild Alaska, when she first moved to Alaska twenty years ago.  We've been friends, coworkers and now we're sisters in art.
My husband Keith and I love getting out and exploring our great state of Alaska.  We both enjoy deep sea fishing in the summer, taking our two Boxers on hikes through the woods year round, and watching movies at night with our rescue kitty snuggled in one of our laps (whoever the lucky human happens to be on any particular evening).
We also feel fortunate to be able to enjoy the bounty of healthy food that can be harvested in Alaska, such as the fish we catch, the game we hunt, and the wild berries that we harvest in the fall.

My husband Keith and I up near the old Crown Point gold mine.

The art of Gyotaku is a perfect fit for my love of getting out into nature and fishing.  Iva realized that fact even before I did and asked me if she could pass me the torch, so to speak, of this wonderful art business that she had started some years ago.  She knew I would cherish her "baby" as much as she did and she was right.
Before taking over this business I wouldn't have thought there would be anything I liked better than catching fish.  I especially love ice fishing in the winter and used to stay out on the ice as long as humanly possible.  I remember one evening I was out on the ice, with an equally rabid fisherwoman friend, when both of our cell phones rang at close to the same time.  It was our husbands calling us wondering if we were ever going to come home!  Now when I catch a fish I [...]

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