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“My passion to paint is greatly inspired by the world around me. When I am intrigued by an image, I feel compelled to express it on canvas. It may be to provoke an emotion, or it could be to capture a moment in time. I am fascinated with color, texture, and how shapes interact with each other. The subject matter is equally important to me; the composition and how the light falls against the subject all plays a part in my creative process. Whether I’m painting a landscape, still life, figure or portrait, I am always revealing the beauty and awe of nature.”
New York City born, Cori Forster knew at an early age that she wanted to pursue a career in the arts. She began her journey as an undergraduate student at Queens College, majoring in Fine Art. She then transferred to the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she majored in Fashion Illustration, to complete her degree.  
In the 1980’s, Cori Forster earned her living as a freelance artist. She worked in various design houses and companies including Kelloggs’s Cereal, Jean St. Germain, El Greco’s Candies’s Shoes, Ann Rothchild & Co., as well as illustrated for many clothing catalogs. While pursuing her art career, Cori returned to Queens College and completed her Bachelor of Arts in Education with a minor in art, then preceded to earn a Master of Science in Education.
Being married and raising three children naturally compromised the amount of time Cori had to dedicate to her art. After a decade of teaching in the N.Y.C. public system,  Cori felt an unavoidable void which she could no longer ignore. Consequently, when she and her family moved to Long Island, Cori decided to find her way back to her true love: art.
Cori now devotes her time to painting landscapes, [...]

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