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Coreen began drawing at an early age following in the footsteps of her father.  Born in Ireland, she emigrated to South Africa at the age of 6, studied art at school and interior/graphic design at college.  “Growing up in South Africa was for me, such an immense privilege.  Despite it’s many socio-political  problems, it instilled in me a profound love for it’s vast landscapes.  The juxtaposition between a breathtaking array of different bio-climates (with it’s immense assortment of wildlife) and a savage reality that is life on this continent, had an enduring effect on me and my artistic interests.” After meeting and marrying her husband, she moved to a farm in S. Central Minnesota, where she continued to draw and paint in her spare time in between helping on the farm.  Upon selling their livestock operation, more time has been freed up for her to concentrate on her artistic pursuits.“ Midwest landscapes are certainly quite different to those in Africa, but I enjoy the challenge of attempting to capture the ambiance and atmosphere of the North American seasons.”Concentrating most of her work in landscape oil paintings, she still enjoys wildlife and equestrian subjects.   “Painting is an ever-evolving journey of discovery, both of one’s self and the methods and techniques employed in attempting  to convey your individual artistic vision.”

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