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The Artist Says:

As an artist, it is fortunate to be able to express myself through paintings and having an audience that responds favorably to what my canvas says.


       Beloved and admired by students, peers and art professionals, Connie Winters is known as one of Southeast’s finest painters of impressionist art.   Her prolific, critically acclaimed portfolio spans decades, offering clients and collectors the art which suits their specific interests and desires.   Connie’s affinity for the beauty of color - it’s capacity to capture a moment in time, to engage and challenge both herself and the viewer, and to elevate the senses beyond the temporal – displays her finest attribute. 

“I see so much color, I’m passionately drawn to it,” she eagerly explains, “I think I see more than most people; while some would look at a road and see grey asphalt, I see shades of lavender, blue and even red.  It’s just the way it appears to me.”    - Connie Winters

       Winters’ gift for color immediately draws viewers into a transcendent place where, for example, she has captured on canvas the lush splendor of spring gardens or the intense contrast of light on a still life, using rich, brilliant hues. A passionate gardener, Winters cultivates her arbors, paths and flowers, encouraging color as on her canvas.  She also paints intimate interiors, sunny landscapes and riots of flowers, using color as a way of “expressing happiness.”  Over the years, Connie has nurtured an affection for France (especially the area of Dordogne), further challenging her range of subject matter and palette of color.    
       Although Winters has painted most of her life, she launched her professional career as a painter after twenty years as owner of an antique business.  Connie took on the endeavor with seriousness and studied with such notable artists as Phillip Moose, winner of Pulitzer Prize for Art; the late Shirley Markham; Alice Steadman; Constantine Chatov; Mark Chatov; Alice Williams; Henry Barnes; and [...]

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