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Canadian born, Connie always loved to draw as a youngster, she loved to sketch faces, her art was always encouraged by her 8th grade teacher.
Doing the Practical thing, she studied nursing after she finished grade school,
and she left her art pursuits behind for awhile.
She started traveling the world, and decided it was time to take up her childhood passion again.
She studied with people she admired , and found two wonderful mentors in Hawaii, Gloria Foss, teaching color theory, and Patric, teaching portraiture.Other artists that influenced her were John Howard Sanden, Daniel Green, Ramon Kelley, Don Andrews, Joyce Pike, Raymond Kinstler.
One studies , one learns, and then one needs to acquire your own stlye.
In 1980 there was an opportunity to start a cooperative gallery in  Oahu, so although assisting her husband with his business, she felt it was" now or never" to get back to her passion.
In 1986 she started Arts of Paradise with two other ladies, and had an amazing learning experience in marketing, and sales as well as creating artworks for the gallery.
Doing portrait commissions, illustrating a book and card designs for several  design companies,she also got into many of the other galleries in Hawaii, after Arts of Paradise closed.
"Life is not what we expect sometimes , but my art has been a passion and a journey that is ever changing and growing."
I believe it is a need to do, a need to paint. I am excited to start each painting, be it a portrait, a landscape or a still life. I don't have any set formulas. I love exploring and experimenting.Wet into wet, watercolor, oil or pastel, each has its own excitement! [...]

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