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My early studies were in architecture and drafting.  I have never had formal training as an artist.  Primarily, I just loved to paint my beautiful Arabian horses.   I also enjoy painting cats and dogs.  Now that I am working primarily in Pastels I am also doing more wildlife in landscape settings.
I began working on my art seriously about eight years ago, shortly after my daughter passed away.  I have only been working in Pastel for about three years.   My art and my horses have combined to save me from serious depression and serve as a means to channel my creativity and relieve stress. 
When I first began to explore my creative ability Colored Pencil was my medium of choice.   It is an easy medium to work with and I learned a lot from all the C/P books I bought and the one workshop I took from portrait artist Ann Kullberg.  I worked in Colored Pencil for about 5 years.  Primarily I did portraits of horses, dogs, cats and kids.  Most of my previous work was from commissions.  I still do some commission work  but now I am also  painting for myself and loving the challenge.
 I found it very time consuming and difficult to create a large landscape in Colored Pencil.  I was ready to try my hand at painting  large landscapes, but how?   I loved the horses that Lesley Harrison painted in Pastel, so when I saw her workshop advertised in California I jumped at the chance to learn her technique.  Lesley paints on full sheet (18" X 24") of Hahnemuhle velour board.  She uses Conte Crayons, NuPastels and Rembrandt Pastels to produce gorgeous horse paintings.   I learned a lot about the application of pastel on velour from Lesley.  Now I am working on creating a style of my own painting wildlife in landscapes settings.
In August 2014,  I was juried into the New Braunfels Art [...]

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